Button Bothy  2016
Fairies Strawberries Insects Frogs Spiders Cats Flowers Cherries Butterflies Trees Horses Dogs
Fairies Magical little creatures loved by little and not so little girls.
Strawberries These look good enough to eat!
Flowers Flowers and leaves, popular with most people.
Cherries Trendy juicy charms.
Insects Dragonflies, ladybirds & more, sometimes found with flowers and leaves.
Butterflies Always a hit beautiful butterflies.
Frogs Ribbit!
Trees Gorgeous trees and leaves.
Spiders You either love them or hate them!
Horses Neigh!
Cats Meow!
Dogs Woof!
Here are some examples of the charm themes I have available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for always ask. I might just have the perfect charm.
Owls The Sea Dolphins Dice Witches Brew Dinosaurs Mermaids Music Skulls Stag
Owls Twit-t-woo!
The Sea Starfish, turtles, fish, shells and more.
Dinosaurs Raarrrr!!! Diplodocus and T-Rex available.
Mermaids Mystical sea creatures.
Dolphins Beautiful creatures often seen in the local waters.
Music Treble clefs, quavers and more...
Dice Fun and quirky.
Skulls For those who love a bit of the Gothic!
Witches Brew Spiders, lizards and bats!
Stag Handsome Highland icon.
Hearts Stars
Hearts Most popular charm choice.
Stars Second most popular charm choice!
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